tai chi to de-stress

Mindfulness For Stress has been written as a direct result of a lifetimes exploration into stress and the discovery that we can transform this into an incredibly positive force for change and healing.

After experiencing years of chronic stress I eventually developed a serious stress related condition called Ulcerative Colitis. For much of my childhood, pain was a daily experience, symptoms increasing with severity and visits to the hospital a regular occurrence. Although the drug treatment sometimes gave relief this would be temporary before another painful relapse would re-appear. It was inevitable that I would eventually collapse out of exhaustion from the condition and end up in hospital to recover for some weeks.

It was through a chance meeting whilst a student at the Royal Academy of Music that I met my first Tai Chi teacher who introduced me to this amazingly powerful healing art. And so It was from this moment that I began a journey of self discovery and healing that has continued to this day.

In this book you will learn some of the most powerful methods of self healing and self development that have transformed my life as well as countless others throughout the world. With this knowledge you too can start your journey to become Stress Free, Healthy and Happy.

Tai Chi to de-stress

Tai Chi teacher and Acupuncturist Robert Bowley Combines his knowledge to create a beautiful Tai Chi practice focused on strengthening the body's stress defences. Robert leads you through a comprehensive warm up routine, a set of Qi Gong movements and a complete Tai Chi form - to relax the body & mind, all set in the most inspiring countryside. The movements are designed to detoxify and strengthen the internal organs, reinforcing the body's defence against stress induced illness as well as improving joint function & increasing suppleness. You will feel more awake and aware, healthier and more able to deal with everyday challenges.


Are You Tired of Feeling Stressed Out & Exhausted Every day?

7 Steps to “Being Stress Free and Live in Effortless Flow” is a step by step guide to go from stressed out to stress free.

Discover how the ancient healing wisdom of Qi Gong can help you have deep & restful sleep, end the constant mental chatter so that you can stop worrying about the things you can't change and find out ways of super charging your energy so that you bounce out of bed in the morning oozing with energy & feeling excitement and anticipation of the day ahead.